Interior Architecture

_ Contempt. _


Interior Architecture Project in collaboration with Ivan Oddos



In Capri, will we be able to swim ? 


Dive into the universe of the movie, Contempt, directed by Jean Luc Godard, this room is inspired by the archetypes of Villa Malaparte. 

At the heart of the space, the sofa is inspired both by sculputural curves of the architecture of Villa Malaparte and by voluptuous and loving curves of Camille. 

Its fabric, bouclette yarn of wool, provides eroticism to the object, it invites us to undress, to bask in the room. 

The shape of the sofa makes it possible to observe two points of view : the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea or the Cinema. 

The Red Sienna Plaster emblematic of Villa Malaparte, can be found on the walls and ceiling of the room. 

The Greco-Roman figures of the odyssey present in the film, such as the fluting of the colums, are reinterpreted in the custom-made design of the furniture. 

The existing moldings in the villa are also resumed in the image of the window frames that emphasize the openings. Regardless of conventions, the screen frame gives us a new place to seat. 

This screen dramatizes the whole scene, it offers a duality and can be seen as a second window open on the horizon or as a simple cinema screen.